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Updated a week ago

Why was my loan application declined?

Sorry we couldn’t offer you a loan right now. For security reasons, we can’t tell you exactly why. There are a few things we look at when we make a...

Updated 2 weeks ago

How do I cancel my loan application?

Change of heart? No problem. You can cancel your application before we give you a decision on your loan - and up to 14 days afterwards, if your loan...

Updated a month ago

When will I receive the money?

You could get the money in under 15 minutes once your loan’s approved. It’ll take up to 2 hours at most. That’s because we use something called...

Updated a month ago

I'm self-employed, what documents should I upload?

We need to see evidence of your income for the past 3 months. This might seem a bit nosey, but self-employed people often have jumpy earnings, and we...

Updated a month ago

When will I hear if I’ve been approved?

Where possible, we’ll give you an instant decision online. If we can’t tell you straight away, we’ll have one or two more steps to do. It all depends...

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