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We have lent £926 million and helped both borrowers and lenders get great rates. We've repeatedly been voted the most trusted and best loan provider by our customers.

Whether you're upgrading your car or looking for a good return on your money Zopa can offer you a smarter way to manage your finances. Note that your capital is at risk when lending peer-to-peer (our risk statement has the details).

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Moneywise customer service awards 2010-2015, most trusted loan provider

What the press says

“Zopa is the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, which uses the internet to cut out the banks entirely. It matches savers with individuals who want to borrow, leaving out the bank and offering better rates all round.”

18 January 2014

What is Zopa?

This video explains how peer-to-peer lending works at Zopa.

Show transcript


Giles: So Zopa’s a business which sets out to reward people who are good with their money

Briony: We invented peer to peer lending in 2005

Giles: We connect people who have some spare money with people who wish to borrow it

Emily: We’re the UK’s oldest and largest lending platform

Sandy: Zopa’s values honesty, transparency and a great experience for our customers

Briony: We’ve lent over a half a billion pounds of real people’s money to sensible borrowers

Emily: We’ve got the best track record in managing risk of UK bank or peer to peer lender

Kylie: We’re actually trusted by 54,000 lenders

Mat: Zopa allows you to cut out the middleman and lend directly to sensible people

Giles: Well we’re really proud of our customer service and that’s shown by the fact that we’ve won Best Personal Loan Provider five years in a row

Caroline: Customer service is very important at Zopa, if we didn’t have our customers, we didn’t look after them then we wouldn’t have a business

Sandy: We make sure we treat our borrowers like real people and not computer decisions

Caroline: We don’t have a typical borrower or lender at Zopa, we have quite a huge range of different customers

Briony: It’s an ethical approach to money that I really believe in

Sharon: The whole process is a lot more efficient which means that we can keep our rates at a really competitive level

Sandy: I think peer to peer lending is the future because it allows lenders and borrowers to take charge of their money and make a difference through new technologies

Emily: If I had to describe Zopa in one word it would be

Mat: Honest

Kylie: Trustworthy

Briony: Ethical

Emily: Fresh

Sandy: Rewarding

Giles: Sensible

Our awards

  • Moneywise award: Personal loan provider
  • Moneyfacts award: Personal loan provider
  • MoneyWeek award: Best P2P lender
  • Moneywise award: Specialist provider
  • The Sunday Times award: Tech track 100
  • Your money award: Best online p2p

Zopa is a founding member of the Peer 2 Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) industry group.

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