Debt consolidation

Could you manage your loans and credit cards better with a debt consolidation loan?

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Refinance your debts

Got lots of debts you want to tidy up? Or maybe you think the deal you've got could be better. Check out the personalised rate we could offer you for a debt consolidation loan to see if you can:

  • lower the interest you're paying now

  • take control of your debts with one single repayment

  • get a more manageable monthly amount to pay

It takes just three minutes and won't affect your credit score.

Why choose a Zopa loan?

  • A fast, friendly personalised rate that won't affect your credit score

  • Our loan rates are often among the lowest out there, and it only takes 3 minutes to find out yours

  • Apply online (no fiddly paperwork to send through the post)

  • We approve more than 300 loans each day to people with a good credit history

  • It's easy to pay extra towards your loan

  • Our customer service is award-winning, so you know you’ll get a great service as standard when you need to get in touch

"I tried a few high street providers but couldn't get a loan at an acceptable rate, so did a search online and found Zopa. To get a loan from you Zopa could not have been simpler. The application was quick and simple and the service was great."


A fair deal as standard

With us, there are no catches or offers for new customers only. Our loans are built so that they're easy to understand and so we only win when you win.

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We fight for your rights

We led the charge in seeking regulation for the peer-to-peer loans industry to make sure your needs are always put first. Today, it's regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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"Thanks to its clever use of technology – including an initial 'soft' credit check that does not impact on someone’s credit rating – Zopa is able to offer pre-approval for up to 65 per cent of applicants, in as little as 12 seconds. In a market where lending approval can take days, that’s an important advantage."

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