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How to stay safe from credit card fraud: Simple steps you can take

Being aware of credit card fraud when you’re out spending is important, but there are also lots of things you can do at home to keep yourself safe too. We know that no-one likes admin, but keeping on top of these four areas could help prevent you from becoming the victim of fraud.


Zopa partners with Octopus Energy to enter the UK’s renewable energy market

Zopa will finance the purchase and installation of solar panels for Octopus’s millions of UK customers, spread out in up to 84 instalments over 7 years.

This blog could save you hundreds in tax

Nearly 3 million Brits will pay tax on their savings this year — that’s a million more than last year. Why is this, and will you be one of them?

Zopa Bank reports first full year profit 

Zopa Bank has reached annual profitability. Read about our financial performance.

The 2023 Generative AI hackathon: 48 hours of Zopian innovation 

Zopa partnered with the team at Google Cloud to run a joint Gen AI hackathon. It brought together 90 Zopians to experiment and ideate with cutting edge Gen AI technology.  

Who wants to be an ISA millionaire?

Is there a more realistic way to become a millionaire than winning the lottery or dreaming up a whacky invention? The short answer is *yes*, and you’d be surprised to hear that it involves ISAs. Take a look at this blog to learn the simple 4-step process that has led over 4,000 Brits to become ISA millionaires.

Taste the difference: understand the different flavours of ISA

If ISAs were ice creams🍦, how could you choose your flavour? Whether you're an experienced saver or simply dipping your toes into the savings pool, understanding ISAs — and the tax-free growth they offer — is key to maximising your savings potential. But where to start? In this blog, I delve into the different types of ISAs available to help you decide which is right for you.

Every little helps: maximising your savings with ISAs

Is it true that every little helps when it comes to savings? In short, yes! With the end of the tax year fast approaching, it’s essential that UK taxpayers understand how ISAs can help maximise their tax-free savings.

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