Can I change my repayment day?

Updated 2 weeks ago

Yes you can. The day is automatically set to 30 days after your loan is approved, but you're welcome to pick a more convenient one.

To change your repayment day, please sign into your Zopa account, open up the relevant loan, and follow the steps on screen.

Things to keep in mind

You'll always need to pick a date that's at least 3 days in the future.

We aim to offer as much flexibility as we can, but some dates won't be possible because of how we process payments. If the first date you choose isn't an option, please try a couple of days before or after it.

Your next monthly repayment will increase or decrease slightly. We do this to adjust for the change in interest payable caused by the increased or decreased number of days from your original repayment day to your new repayment day. (Don't worry, it's a one-off! Your repayments will return to normal the following month.)

You won't be able to change your repayment day if: there's a repayment pending or in progress, or you've missed one or more repayments or have defaulted on your loan, or you recently made an extra repayment and haven't made a regular monthly repayment since.

Need a hand?

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