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Does Hire Purchase finance cover all cars?

We accept most cars, as long as it’s: A used car Bought through a dealership No more than 8 years old Not a commercial vehicle Got no more than...

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Who pays the dealer?

Once you’ve signed your agreement online, we’ll then pay the dealer, so you’re free to hit the road. You’ll need to pay the car’s deposit and any...

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What background checks does Zopa run?

We’ll need to run some free background checks on the car you like. After all, buying a used car can be daunting, especially when it is often hard to...

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What is hire purchase finance?

When you choose Hire Purchase finance with Zopa, it's secured against the car. This means we own the car until you make your final repayment and...

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Are there set-up fees, early repayment fees or late payment fees?

Nope. Although if you miss a repayment it’ll be marked on your credit file which may affect your ability to gain credit in the...

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How soon could I be driving away in my new car?

Once your Hire Purchase finance is approved and you’ve chosen a car, you could be on the road in as little as one working...

Updated a month ago

Will I own the car?

Technically, we’ll own the car until you’ve paid off your hire purchase finance in full, but there’s no need to feel like it isn’t yours. We don’t...

Updated a month ago

Is there a balloon payment?

No. A balloon payment is a lump sum you’ll pay if you want to keep the car at the end of a personal contract purchase (PCP). As this is a Hire...

Updated a month ago

What does pre-approved mean?

Being pre-approved for our Hire Purchase finance means that we’re confident we can say “yes” based on the info you’ve given – we just need to run...

Updated a month ago

What's the difference between an unsecured car loan and hire purchase car finance?

With hire purchase finance, the loan is secured against the car. We also offer unsecured personal loans as another way of financing a car- check out...

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