Smart ISA. Grow your savings tax-free^ at rates that beat the high street^^

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Earn a 1-year fixed bonus rate from the date you open a Smast ISA

  • Earn tax-free interest

  • Get started from £1 and save up to £250,000 in our Savings Hub

  • Save in a flexible cash ISA with Access and Fixed Term pots in one place

You’ll need to open a Smart Saver Account before you can open a Smart ISA. A bonus 0.5% fixed rate will be applied for 1-year from the date you open a Smart ISA.

Minimum £1 required to start saving in your Smart ISA account. FSCS protected up to £85,000.

^Tax treatment depends on your circumstances and may be subject to change. 

^^See for more information

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Create a tax-free home for your money

Enjoy tax-free interest on your savings

Make the most of your ISA allowance by saving up to £20,000 each tax year, tax-free.

Start earning in minutes

Open a new Smart ISA in the Zopa app and start saving from as little as £1. You can also request to transfer in your existing cash ISAs via the app effortlessly, with no Zopa paperwork in sight.

Split your ISA allowance across personalised pots

You’ll have one flexible cash ISA, but within that, you can spread your allowance across different ISA pots. Access ISA pots allow you to withdraw anytime. Or you can save in Fixed Term ISA pots for 1 to 5 years. It’s your call.

Take control of your money

Take out money when you need to and then put it back as many times as you like in the same tax year, without affecting your ISA allowance.
Please note, if you want to access money in a Fixed Term ISA pot before the term ends, you’ll need to break the term and pay an interest charge.

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Meet our ISA pots

Access ISA pots


Gross** variable

Access money



Access Anytime

Fixed Term ISA pots


Gross** fixed

Access money



1 year term



2 years term



3 years term



4 years term



5 years term

*AER stands for 'annual equivalent rate'. We pay you interest on a monthly basis, but AER shows you the rate you’d get if this monthly interest was compounded and paid once a year instead. We provide an AER to make it easier for you to compare our rates with other providers.

**Gross is the rate of interest we apply to your money, before any tax is taken off.

The Access ISA pots rate includes a bonus rate of 0.5% AER/gross fixed, which you'll be eligible for if you open a Smart ISA. The bonus rate will be applied for 1-year from the date you open a Smart ISA.

Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and could change in the future.

The interest rates shown may change if we update them whilst you’re browsing.

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Hello, we’re Zopa

We’re Zopa, a fully regulated UK bank, voted Best Fixed Rate Cash ISA Provider 2024 and Best Savings App 2024 at the Moneynet Awards. We’re proud to have delivered a service which is rated excellent on Trustpilot and to have built a bank which we believe can challenge expectations and help many more customers reach their financial goals.

With over 1 million customers trusting our services and over £4 billion held in savings, we’re on a mission to get your money working hard for you at rates that beat the high street banks.

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Your money's secure

Your eligible deposits with Zopa are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered.

Please ask for further information or visit

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