Smart Saver could be right for you if:

  • You’d like to start saving from as little as £1 and up to a maximum of £250,000.

  • You like the flexibility and control of deciding when you need access to your savings.

  • You like to organise your savings into different pots at different rates.

  • You have a smart phone and are comfortable with mobile banking. Smart Saver is only available in the Zopa app, allowing you to manage your savings 24/7.

Smart Saver offers two different ways to save, through our Boosted and Access pots. You can open up to 20 pots across our Smart Saver and Smart ISA accounts.

Here’s how Smart Saver's pots work:

Boosted pots

  • Are designed to help you set aside some of your money at a higher interest rate and remove the temptation to spend.

  • You set a notice period of 7, 31 or 95 days. This is the number of days' notice you’ll need to give before you can withdraw your money.

  • While your money is in a Boosted pot, it earns a higher interest rate. The longer notice period you give, the higher your interest rate. When you want to access your savings, simply give notice inside the app and count down the days until you can withdraw your money.

Access pots

Access pots keep things super simple. You can withdraw your savings from Access pots whenever you want.


The interest rates for Smart Saver accounts are variable, so they can change from time to time. The rate you’ll get will also depend on whether you save in Boosted or Access pots.

If this doesn't sound quite right for you, we also offer Smart ISA and Fixed Term Savings accounts.

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