Smart Saver is a savings account that lets you allocate your savings into Access anytime and Boosted interest pots, all managed within the Zopa app.

With Smart Saver, you get the flexibility and freedom to store parts of your money away for longer — and, in return, benefit from Boosted interest — while keeping some on hand for when you need it.

Getting started

You can start saving from as little as £1. To open a Smart Saver, download the Zopa app and head to the Smart Savings Hub.

How do Boosted pots work?

Boosted pots are a great way to set aside some of your money, earn extra interest and remove the temptation to spend your savings. Here’s everything you need to know:

1. When opening a Boosted pot, you’ll pick a notice period of 7, 31 or 95 days. This is the number of days' notice you’ll need to give before you can withdraw your money.

2. While your money is in a Boosted pot, it earns a higher interest rate. The longer notice period you give, the higher your interest rate.

3. When you want to access your savings from a Boosted pot, simply give notice via the Zopa app. When this notice period has ended, your Boosted pot will become an Access pot, which means you can withdraw from it at any time.

How do Access pots work?

Access pots work like regular easy access savings accounts. That means any money held in an Access pot is ready to withdraw at the drop of a hat — all without incurring any penalties or fees.

Withdrawals can be made from Access pots to any of your verified bank accounts via the Zopa app.

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