When you apply for a Zopa loan, we search your credit file to check that the loan is affordable. If you haven’t applied for a Zopa loan or credit card, we still might appear on your credit file. Here’s why:

  1. Someone you’re financially tied to has applied for credit with us. This is called an 'associate search'. Learn more about associate searches.

  2. You have checked your loan or credit card eligibility on a price comparison site. When you do this, we may soft search you to see if we can offer you one of our products. If we can’t, then we won’t appear in your results list so you might not be aware that we’ve soft searched your credit file.

  3. You use Borrowing Power, our in-app feature that shows you how Zopa views you as a borrower and what you could borrow from Zopa. To gather this information, we perform regular soft searches to see what we could offer you. It’s important to note that soft searches are invisible to other lenders (so they won't hurt your credit score). You can read more about them here: What is a soft credit search?

If none of these reasons sounds familiar, please get in touch with our Customer Services team immediately so we can look into this for you.

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