Your early settlement quote shows you how much it would cost to pay off your loan in full before the end of your agreed term. This will be made up of how much of your loan is left to pay, interest owed and an early repayment charge if one is applicable to you.

Your quote will also tell you when you need to make the payment by. If you don't make the payment in the allotted time, your quote will expire. Your quote will also expire if you change your repayment date, make an extra repayment, miss a payment after generating your quote or your settlement payment is unsuccessful.

Here’s what your quote will look like:

If you’re looking to get a settlement quote or a statement of your settlement quote, please check out this FAQ.

What's the rebate?

By settling a loan early, you may end up paying less in interest than if you stuck to the full loan term. If this is the case, you'll see your 'rebate' amount, which is how much you'll save by settling your loan early.

If you're having any issues with settling your loan, please click on one of the related FAQs below.

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