How do I close my Smart Saver?

Updated 8 months ago

  1. Head to the Zopa app and open your Smart Saver
  2. Tap ‘manage’ and then ‘account information’
  3. Hit ‘close account’
  4. If you have money left in your account, you’ll be prompted to withdraw
  5. Confirm you want to close your Smart Saver

If you have any actively Boosted pots, you won’t be able to close your account just yet. You’ll need to give notice on any Boosted pots and once your savings are available to withdraw, follow the steps above

Please be aware, this process only closes your Smart Saver – not your Zopa account. Your Zopa log in details and marketing preferences won’t be affected. Also, if you have another Zopa product, like fixed term savings, this won’t be impacted either.

If you do want to close your Zopa account completely, check out this FAQ.

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