Can I download a statement?

Updated 2 months ago

Fixed Term Savings

You can download a 'Statement of Account' from your Account Dashboard:

  • If your fixed term account has matured, this statement will show you the total interest you earned throughout the term.
  • If your fixed term account is still running, then this statement gives you a snapshot of progress to date. This shouldn't be used as a tax statement.
  • To download a statement, go to your main dashboard and click on your fixed term account(s). Under the Overview tab, there’s a link to generate a statement titled 'Statement of Account' in the documents section

Smart Saver

You can download monthly statements for your Smart Saver inside the Zopa app.

  • The monthly statement will show all deposits, withdrawals, interest and money movements inside your Smart Saver for the given month.
  • To view a statement, tap into your Smart Saver, select ‘Manage’ then ‘Statements’.
  • New monthly statements become available on the first calendar day of each month and are organised by year and month.

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