Five budget-friendly ideas for this half-term

*Half-term is here… already. We’ve all spent a lot of time at home already this year, so we asked Funke, mum of David, 6, and Isabella, 4, for some different ideas to entertain the kids this half-term. Looking for more ideas? Check out some budget-friendly ideas for larger families from mum Laura, or some activity inspiration from single dad, Dan.

Monday – pancakes

We love a lie-in on the first day of half-term, so on Monday, we’ll have a late start to our day and then make pancakes for breakfast! David and Bella have been making pancakes for years so they can usually do the mixing part with little supervision. Sometimes we’ll get creative and cut up our pancakes in different shapes.

Cost: £5 including toppings.

Tuesday – the beach

We love the beach so we’ll have at least one beach day during half-term week. The kids can spend hours playing in the sand.

A good tip is to get your toys from the supermarket, but if you forget something at home there are usually shops by the beach. Pack some food and drinks and you can have a picnic

Cost: from £4, though up to £30 should you choose to buy some fish and chips at the beach!

Wednesday- Minibeast Hunt

This is a cheap but fun activity that can be done in a few hours or extended over the course of a week. All you need to do is print off a minibeast hunt activity sheet online. The kids can explore the garden or hedges in our local area when we go for a walk, then record what they find!

This will cost you around £0.20 for printing. Make it a treat and stop for ice cream on your way back home. Cost of ice cream is from £2.

Cost: £2.20

Thursday - Visit the local farm

David and Isabella love animals so the farm is always on our list of places to visit during half-term. I love that we can really make it a day out now that some restrictions have been lifted. We would normally have an al fresco meal for lunch whilst we’re there and then carry on exploring. Dress the kids in puddle suits and wellies and it won’t matter if it rains!

Tickets will cost you about £16 and a family meal around £20.

Cost: £36

Friday - Karaoke party

We love to end half-term with a party. The kids love to sing and dance so they look forward to karaoke night all week. A karaoke machine is optional as are lots of karaoke videos for the kids to sing along and dance to on YouTube.

This will cost you anywhere from £5 (cost of party food) to £45 if you choose to purchase a karaoke machine.

Cost: £5 - £50

Which one of these activities will you be trying this half-term?

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