5 half-term ideas for £10 or less

Dan, dad to Evie and writer of the co-parenting blog The Breaking Dad, shares how he puts a different spin on everyday activities to create budget-friendly half term fun

Add a scavenger hunt to your park visit - £0

Plan a visit to a park nearby and write a list of things you might see or challenges you could complete when you’re there. Ours often includes things like, ‘Find a dog’, ‘Go really fast down the slide’ and ‘Find a really big stick’. It’s a great way to add an extra dimension to an everyday place!

Make rainbow rice - Less than £10

Separate some rice into different sandwich bags and add food colouring or paint; one colour for each bag. Mix it all together (get your little involved!) and leave for 24 hours. Pour it all into a container and you have rainbow rice!

Make a den… with added extras - £0

There’s nothing more exciting than making a den as a kid! Flip your sofa on its side or put a big sheet over your dining room table. Hide underneath with cuddly toys and teddies and for extra effects, play some ocean sounds (perfect for pirate adventures!) or other sounds from the environment!

Upcycle your cardboard delivery boxes - £0

We keep all our boxes from deliveries, especially the big ones. They’re perfect for making cardboard castles, cardboard cars and, well, whatever you can think up. Involve your little in decorating the box too for hours of fun.

Get imaginative at a kids’ play centre - £10.90

Getting out of the house needn't break the bank. We often go to our local play centre, which has a mixture or soft play, a farm, a few climbing frames and a beautiful walk around a little lake. There are lots of places that have a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities like this and, if you get creative, you can really fuel their imagination. For example, walking across a little tight rope is fun to a child, but when you create a new adventure story around each activity, it engages their minds on another level!

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