Why was my account sold?

Zopa sometimes sells debt to purchasers who specialise in helping customers who have defaulted on their loan or credit card.

This is covered in the terms that Zopa customers agree to when they take out their loan or credit card.

The outstanding balance in your Zopa account will show as £0. This is because the purchasing company is now the owner of your debt, so any future repayments should be sent to them. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to find their contact details in the letter you’ve been sent.

If you haven’t received this letter yet, a pack will be sent to you with all the details, including how to contact the purchaser and what the next steps are.

Your data

As part of the sale, we’ve shared your details with the company that purchased your debt. This is in line with current data protection law. Your rights under these laws haven’t changed.

The company that purchased your debt is now the data controller under data protection law. This means they’re responsible for your personal data