Terms for in-app bank transfers

These terms are between you and Zopa Bank Limited. They apply to our in-app transfer service. This service lets you use the Zopa app to transfer funds from another bank account to a Zopa product (for example the Zopa Smart Saver). The service can be used to make one off payments and (when available with our products) regular recurring payments.  

The terms that apply to the Zopa product you’re using the in-app transfer service in connection with will apply to your use of the service.  

We use TrueLayer (https://truelayer.com) to help facilitate the in-app transfer service. They act as the link between Zopa and your other bank, transferring information between the two of us. By using the service, you authorise TrueLayer to facilitate the transfer. You’ll also be asked to agree to some TrueLayer terms and conditions. 

You can make in-app transfers from your other bank account under these terms for as long as we make the service available to you. If we have to stop then we’ll let you know in line with the notice periods stated in the terms for the product you’re using the in-app transfer service in connection with. If we need to change these in-app transfer terms, we’ll also make those changes in accordance with the main product terms. 

We don’t make any charge for your use of the service, and you don’t have to use the service if you don’t want to, as we make alternatives available. 

We can let you have a copy of these terms and conditions at any time. 


One off payments 

The first step to making a payment is to choose the bank you want to transfer money from, from the list we show you in the Zopa app (if your bank isn’t listed, unfortunately we don’t support it). 

You’ll then list the Zopa product you want to transfer the money to, and the amount of the transfer. We’ll then get you to confirm you want us to ask your other bank to make a transfer to your Zopa product.  

Each time you ask us to request a transfer from your other bank, you agree that the money will be transferred from your other bank to your Zopa product and that we’ll share the details with the recipient also (obviously in most cases, this will be you). 

Once you’ve confirmed the transfer in the Zopa app, you should be taken to a page provided by TrueLayer where you will be asked to accept some terms and conditions and confirm to TrueLayer that you are ok with the proposed transfer from your other bank account to Zopa.  

After that, you should be taken to your bank’s app or website to approve the transfer. We aren’t able to see anything that happens in your other bank’s environment (including any security details). 

It’s then your other bank’s job to transfer the funds to Zopa. They will probably ask you to agree to some terms and conditions. Zopa won’t have any liability if the transfer doesn’t work.  

Once you’re finished in your other bank’s environment, you should get transferred back to Zopa. We’ll let you know when we receive the transfer from your other bank or if there’s been a problem. 


Regular recurring payments 

Where your other bank and our products support recurring payments, you’ll be able to transfer regular fixed payments from your other bank to your Zopa product.  


We can use your information to provide the service 

When you confirm you want to transfer money from another account, we’ll take this as agreement to us transferring payment information to your other bank so they can both start the payment process and let you confirm the payment with them.  

We’ll also receive information from your other bank about whether or not you’ve agreed to the transfer.  

Any other person with access to your other account will be able to see details of the transfer (joint or business accounts for example). 

Our privacy notice has more information on how we use your personal data at https://zopa.com/privacy-notice



If you have an issue using the transfer service within the Zopa app, you should contact us.

However, if you’re having issues with your other bank, you will need to contact them. This includes where: 

  • you can’t access your account 

  • you don’t recognise a payment out of your account, or it looks wrong 

  • you want a refund of funds you’ve transferred to your Zopa product