Smart ISA bonus savings rate 


What’s happening to my Access ISA pot interest rate? 

Your Access ISA pot interest rate is staying the same, but the way it’s structured is changing. This means, from 23rd May 2024, it’ll be made up of two separate rates — underlying and bonus — that add up to the same total interest rate.   


How your Access ISA pot interest rate is currently structured  

5.08% AER* (4.96% gross**) variable  


How your Access ISA pot interest rate will be structured from 23rd May 2024

Underlying interest rate: 4.58% AER* (4.48% gross**) variable 

Bonus rate: 0.5% AER*/gross** fixed, which will run until 6th April 2025 


Why are you changing the structure of my rate? 

In January, we introduced a bonus rate on Access ISA pots for new Smart ISA customers. This meant that 0.5% AER*/gross** of the interest they earn on Access ISA pots is fixed until 6th April 2025. We’re changing the way your Access ISA pot interest rate is structured so you benefit from this fixed bonus rate too.  

This change also means that, in the future, you’ll be able to see exactly how much interest you’re earning from the bonus rate in the Zopa app and on your statements. 


Will the interest rate I’m earning on Access ISA pots change before 6th April 2025?  

Possibly. While the bonus part of your Access ISA pot rate is fixed until 6th April 2025, the underlying interest rate is variable, meaning it can go up or down.  

But don’t worry, we’ll always give you a minimum of 14 days’ notice before decreasing your rate. We’ll also let you know whenever we increase your rates too. 


If I open a new Access ISA pot, will I earn the bonus rate on it?  

Yes, this new rate structure has been applied to your Smart ISA account and will apply until 6th April 2025. So, whenever you open a new Access ISA pot between now and then, it’ll benefit from the bonus rate.  

What will happen to my rate after 6th April 2025?  

On 6th April 2025, the fixed bonus rate will end, which means your Access ISA pot interest rate will decrease by 0.5% AER*/gross**. We’ll email you a minimum of 14 days before this change happens.  

From this point onwards, your Access ISA pot rate will equal the underlying interest rate, which is currently 4.58% AER* (4.48% gross**) variable.  

*AER stands for 'annual equivalent rate'. We pay you interest on a monthly basis, but AER shows you the rate you’d get if this monthly interest was compounded and paid once a year instead. We provide an AER to make it easier for you to compare our rates with other providers.  

**Gross is the rate of interest we apply to your money, before any tax is taken off.