Say hello to your new investor experience

The new layout of the investment summary

New look

A new design gives you a clearer picture of how your investment is performing.

Risk management

More diversification means less volatility when a loan defaults.

Improved servicing

From load times to customer support, we can serve you better.

A whole new look and feel

We’ve completely redesigned the Zopa experience to give you a clearer breakdown of how your money is invested and how your investment is performing.

Best of both

Now your investment dashboard is as easy to view on your desktop as it is in a mobile browser, so you can keep track of your investment while on the go.

Clear view of your investments

New information cards give you a simple breakdown of your investment, so you can check them at a glance.

Enhanced risk management

We've upgraded the backend tech that runs our platform so now we can diversify your investment even more than we already do.

What this means for your investment

More diversification

We will be able to double diversification on newly invested money. This means that instead of matching your money to a 100 loans we can match it with 200 loans.

Less exposure

With your money being split into even tinier chunks when matching with new loans, this means that single defaults will have less impact on your overall balance.

Less volatility

With a more diversified loan book, each investor is more likely to perform in line with the portfolio average.

Improved servicing

Our new tech platform allows us to make super quick enhancements and respond to your needs in no time.

Quicker loading times

Better tech to enable streamlined customer service

Easier to launch new features to improve your experience

Upgrading our app

With all this in place, we’ll soon be able to start work on upgrading the Zopa app, so you can not only track your performance, but manage your investment 24/7 right from your phone.

What do you think?

This is just the start and we’re committed to continually improving your experience with Zopa. So, as always, if you have feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.