If you know you won’t be able to stick to your contractual repayment over multiple months, a temporary reduced repayment plan might be the best option for you.

By working out a reduced amount you can afford to pay each month, we aim to give you a bit more time to resolve the financial issues you may be facing. These plans tend to last for a few months, with the expectation that you’ll return to full repayments at the end of your plan. Important things to note:

  • We won’t take your regular Direct Debit during your plan, but you can use your Direct Debit details to pay the reduced amount. Or, you can pay by debit card or bank transfer.

  • We’ll need to report the repayment plan to credit reference agencies as you aren’t meeting your contractual repayments. But it’s important to remember that reaching a solution, even if that means not paying back your debt in full, could be better for your credit history than not taking any action.

  • You’ll need to make up for underpayments you’ve made before the end of your credit agreement with us.

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