At the end of your personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement with Zopa, you’ll have three options to choose from:

  1. Buy the car – If you want to keep the car and become its owner, you’ll need to pay the optional final payment.

  2. Return the car to us – If you no longer need a car, simply hand it back to us after you’ve made all your monthly payments. You’ll need to make sure that the car doesn’t have any damage beyond normal wear and tear, and that you’ve stuck to your agreed mileage limit. Otherwise, you’ll likely face additional charges.

  3. Part exchange the car for a new one – If you want a fresh set of wheels, you can return the car and start a new PCP agreement with another car. If the car’s worth more than the optional final payment, you’ll have some extra money that you can put towards the deposit on your next car.

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