These are the most common reasons the Zopa app could be crashing:  

Technical issues 

Like all apps, ours can sometimes run into temporary issues which may cause it to crash. We recommend keeping your app updated to the latest version to reduce the likelihood of this happening.  

Sometimes, you may also need to clear what’s known as the app’s ‘cache’. You can do this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 


We’re responsible for protecting your data when you use our app. To help achieve this, we have a security measure in place that can deliberately cause the app to crash if:  

  • You’re using a ‘jailbroken’ or ‘rooted’ device. These devices don’t meet our security requirements. If your device is jailbroken or rooted, you’ll need to reverse this to use our app. If you’re unsure about your device, please contact the seller to confirm. 

  • You’re using a screen mirroring tool that displays your mobile device’s screen onto a larger screen. Using these tools puts you at risk of accidentally revealing sensitive information.  

  • You’re using a screen reading tool from an untrusted source. We support screen reading tools including Talkback on Android devices & Voiceover on Apple devices.  

  • You’re using a custom keyboard from an untrusted source. Please use your device's default keyboard to avoid any problems.  

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