How do I close my Zopa investment?

Updated 8 months ago

We’ve made it simple for customers to close their Zopa investments and ISAs.

All you need to do is:

  1. Log in to Zopa
  2. Open the investment or ISA you want to close
  3. Make sure your account balance is £0
  4. Underneath your investment summary, you’ll see the option to close your investment account
  5. Hit ‘get started’ and you’ll be able to download any statements you need before closing your investment or ISA

Please be aware, this process only closes your investment or ISA – not your Zopa account. Your Zopa log in details and marketing preferences won’t be affected. Also, if you have another Zopa product, like a Fixed Term Savings account, this won’t be impacted either.

If you do want to close your Zopa account completely, check out this FAQ.

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