Head over to zopa.com/credit-card and click ‘apply online’.

The credit card is managed exclusively via the Zopa app – available on iOS or Android – so you’ll need a smartphone to use the card.

We’ll run an eligibility check to see if we can pre-approve you. If we can't offer you a credit card, we’ll tell you at this stage. We’ll have only run a soft search, so there’s no harm to your credit score.

Being pre-approved for our credit card means that we’re confident we can say “yes” based on the info you’ve given – we just need to run some final ID and fraud checks.

We might ask you to send us documents to prove your identity, income or bank account, it may take a few days to make our final decision, but it's simple to send us any documents online.

Once you apply for the card, that’s when we’ll need to run a hard search on your credit file even if you are pre-approved. When all the checks are done, if you’re approved, you'll receive your card within 10 working days, then you’re good to go!

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