Yes, you can. To consolidate one or more existing Zopa loans.

First you'll need to log into your account

Under 'My account' you can select the option to 'Borrow more'.

As with your original loan, the application will be subject to our normal credit checks and you can only borrow up to the maximum loan allowance out of £35,000.

For example: If you borrowed £5,000, you have up to £30,000 left to borrow.

Please be aware that a settlement amount is automatically taken from your account when you take out a new loan with us. This means that the remaining balance of your loan, any fees, as well as interest due are deducted from your new loan amount.

For example: If your remaining Zopa loan balance was £1,000 and you applied for a new £3,000 Zopa loan. Let's say your fees and interest amount to £20. The remaining balance of your original loan (£1,000), as well as any fees and interest payable (£20) will be deduced before you are credited with the remaining disbursal amount.

Using the above example, this would mean your loan disbursal amount is £1,980.

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