Zopa bank and ClearScore announce 2025 Fintech Pledge

London and San Francisco, 21 September 2022 - Digital bank Zopa and credit marketplace ClearScore have unveiled a new cross-industry initiative to drive 10 million actions that strengthen consumer finances amidst the rising cost of living.

With inflation forecast to reach up to 13% and over 25% of the UK’s population facing low levels of financial resilience*, the 2025 Fintech Pledge (pledge2025.org) provides UK consumers with actionable steps to build up their financial resilience.

These actions will come from four focus areas:

Savings - Moving deposits from low to high interest-yielding accounts and setting up saving pots. Outcome: make savings work harder.

Credit building - Signing up to a credit building tool to improve your credit score. Outcome: access more and better value financial products.

Debt consolidation - Using a debt consolidation tool to understand how much could be saved each month by consolidating. Outcome: reduce financial obligations.

Utility marketplaces - Searching for lower priced utility deals on digital marketplaces. Outcome: save money on one or more monthly payments.

Zopa will announce the Fintech Pledge later today in a theatre session with ClearScore at Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce’s annual event, to discuss how technology is supporting a pathway to financial resilience.

Jaidev Janardana, CEO at Zopa said: “With the UK facing an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, households need to use every tool at their disposal to build long-term financial resilience. This industry pledge – the first of its kind – will unite a wide variety of companies in one goal of driving positive financial actions for millions living in the UK.

We’re delighted to be working with ClearScore as we begin this journey. As the scheme progresses, a variety of programmes and partnerships will help to drive 10 million actions by 2025.”

Justin Basini, CEO and Co-founder of The ClearScore Group, said: “This initiative can make a real difference to people’s lives. We can help people rethink their finances and take action to make themselves better off. The fintech industry has a key role to play in building financial resilience and we look forward to working with Zopa and future partners to make this a reality across the UK.”

Organisations looking to join the 2025 Fintech Pledge and consumers wanting to find out more can visit pledge2025.org for more details on the initiative.


  • Source: House of Commons Library: Poverty Statistics Report 2022

Press contacts

Zopa bank: PR@zopa.com

ClearScore: joe.wiggins@clearscore.com and clearscore@headlandconsultancy.com

About Zopa

Launched two years ago, Zopa Bank is the tech unicorn that raised $500 million from the early investors of Slack, Uber, and Alibaba to build the UK’s best bank for saving and borrowing.

Our unique P2P heritage brings 17 years of lending experience and combines the slick innovation of a fintech with the infrastructure of a fully regulated bank.

To date, Zopa has issued over 300,000 credit cards, launched a top-table savings account and fixed term savings product, as well as lent over £7.5 billion in personal loans.

Zopa has an NPS of 83 (Net Promoter Score)– the highest of any challenger bank or high street bank.

Our users have rated Zopa 4.5 out of 5 on TrustPilot (classed as an ‘excellent’ rating) and we have been voted the UK’s Best Personal Loan Provider and Best Credit Card Provider at the British Bank Awards.

Zopa Bank Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority

**About ClearScore **

ClearScore launched in July 2015 to help everyone, no matter their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing. This started with greater transparency in credit reports and scores and has since expanded to include increased visibility of affordability, using current account spending patterns via Open Banking. 

As a leading financial marketplace, ClearScore helps people access, and save money on, credit cards, loans and car finance. The Group combines beautifully designed apps, with powerful, consumer-controlled data, and a cutting-edge technology stack to deliver high-growth marketplaces that retail financial products.

ClearScore has grown rapidly to serve 17 million users across the UK, South Africa, and Australia. The Group now partners with over 150 financial institutions around the world to ensure that the right product, gets to the right user at the right time.

ClearScore Group’s second app, DriveScore, is putting driving data securely and privately in the hands over 300,000 drivers, so that they can save money on their car insurance.


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