Online payments are becoming even more secure

In line with industry regulation, online payments with the Zopa Credit Card are becoming even more secure, with the addition of a new layer of security.

You may start to notice this change from 14 February 2022, so we’ve written this blog to take you through what to expect.

**Why security is being upgraded **

The new layer of security is being added in line with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, which are in place to make customers safer when paying online. All payment service providers – which includes banks like Zopa – are required to comply with these regulations to help protect customers and reduce fraudulent payments.

**What this means for you **

Zopa credit card customers will need to pass an extra security step when making online purchases. Different banks will handle this in different ways, but this is what you can expect with your Zopa credit card:

  1. When you make an online payment, you’ll first go through the normal step of being sent a verification code which you’ll need to enter

  2. Then, you’ll see the new security screen, which will ask you to identify a past transaction you’ve made with your Zopa card from a list of options. (If you’ve not yet made a transaction, select the ‘none of the above’ option)

  3. Once you select the right one, the vendor will be notified, and your payment will go through

**The types of payment this will affect **

We're rolling this out in stages starting next week, but the extra layer of protection will apply to nearly all online payments made using our credit card by 14 March 2022. By online payments, we mean anything from ordering your weekly shop to buying a train ticket online.

But there are some payment types that this won’t be applied to.

**The types of payment this won’t affect **

  • Payments you make in person using your card/smartphone wallet or over the phone

  • Repeat online payments you already have in place. For example, subscriptions to streaming sites.

**We’re here to help **

Hopefully, reading this blog means that there are no surprises the first time you’re asked to approve transactions on your Zopa credit card in this way. However, if you do have any questions or concerns, our team are on hand to help. You can find the best way to reach them here.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, our team are on hand to help.

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