Join the Smart Saver Mission

A lot of people feel they can’t save money, or that they don’t know how to get started. And that’s where the Smart Saver Mission comes in.

Working with super saver and money mindset coach Laura Ann Moore (who saved £40,000 before she was 27!), we’ve put together a 12-week programme that will boost your money mission and help you reach your savings target faster.

Here’s how it works:

First up, set your money mission.

It could be something exciting, like mission: holiday. Or it could be something more functional, like mission: new boiler. Or even just mission: rainy day.

Whatever it is that needs a boost, take time to visualise your mission. The more concrete your goal, the easier it will be to stay on track.

Work out how much you want to save.

If you already know how much you want to save in the next 12 weeks, great! Divide that number by 12, and you’ll have your weekly savings target.

If your goal doesn’t have an obvious amount you’re saving towards, or you’re more about building the habit than the actual amount you save, then we’ve got you covered too.

Set up your Mission Tracker

Writing down your goals, tracking your success and celebrating your milestones is crucial for sticking to your money mission.

So we’ve created a Mission Tracker to help you visualise your progress. Print it out and put it somewhere you can see it. Then at the end of each week, colour in a square to mark your progress.

Share your goals!

Share your money mission with a friend or on social media to hold yourself accountable. Better still, take on the challenge together.

If you share your Money Mission with the #SmartSaverMission hashtag and tag a friend to join before 31 March, you’ll both be entered in to a draw to both win a free 45 minute coaching session with Laura Ann. *

Find a place to save

Next, you need to find a place to save.

Laura Ann will be using Zopa’s new Smart Saver account to boost her own savings mission. It’s got loads of useful features that will help you build your savings habit, including:

  • Starting saving from just £1

  • All managed in the Zopa App (we like to call this Mission Control!) so you can check in on your savings at any time

  • Personalise-able pots you can set up for YOUR savings goals

  • Boosted pots that offer higher interest rates to get to your mission goal faster

Mission launch

Laura Ann will be starting her savings mission on Monday 7th March, and we’d love you to do the same.

Each week, we’ll set you a savings mini-mission, like making your coffee at home, to help you find money to move into your savings account.

To help you plan ahead, here’s the full calendar of mini-missions. We know that some of the weeks might not work for your schedule or your lifestyle, so think about this flexibly and try to complete as many as possible to embed those good spending habits.

Make sure you follow @zopamoney and Laura Ann Moore on Instagram to get the latest on the Mission each week.

Good luck!

  • The prize draw is open to those undertaking the 12-week challenge which originally started in March 2022. Any entrants after 31st March 2022 will not be entered into the draw. The prize drawer will be drawn on 1st April and the winners will be informed no later than 8th April. The 45 minute coaching session prize must be arranged directly between the winning parties and Laura Ann and undertaken at a time convenient to all parties within three months of award. Laura Ann works independently of Zopa and the content of the coaching session is independent to Zopa and its business operations. The full Ts & Cs are here.


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