FeelGood Festive Cookalong: Boxing Day pasta for £6

1 min • 8 Dec 2020
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We asked some culinary experts how to cook up a festive feast on a FeelGood budget. Here’s Leyla Kazim of The Cutlery Chronicles on how to whip up a veggie pasta that’s perfect as a main or to accompany your Boxing Day leftovers

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Ready to start cooking? Grab your pots and pans and follow along with the recipe below.

  1. Finely grate the halloumi and mix well with the dried mint.

2. Cook the pasta in the chicken stock in a pan with the lid on. You will not be draining this pasta; you want most of the liquid to be absorbed by it. Frequently stir the pasta to ensure all pieces get cooked and to stop it sticking. Once the pasta is al dente, you should be left with a little stock still in the pan. If the pan dries up before the pasta has cooked, add a splash more water.

3. Divide half of the cheese amongst four warmed bowls. Pile on the pasta with a little stock. Sprinkle the remainder of the cheese over the pasta in the bowls. Drizzle a very generous amount of lemon juice over each bowl and serve immediately.

If you happen to have leftovers, this dish is really good fridge cold too!

Leyla Kazim is a London-based presenter and digital creator, and the founder and person behind the authoritative travel and food brand, The Cutlery Chronicles.

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