Choose your own contactless limit on your Zopa credit card

Last October, the spending limit for contactless card payments went up from £45 to £100. This means that you don’t need to enter your PIN number or authenticate the payment with your fingerprint or facial recognition to spend up to that amount.

This move was designed to give customers more flexibility when shopping in store, but when we asked what you really thought, we heard something quite different…

What do you think about the contactless limit rising?

Around 7,000 of you came back to us on social when we asked whether you thought the limit rising was a good move. Some of you told us you love the convenience, but a lot of you also expressed your concerns about what the switch to the £100 limit would mean.

Here’s some of the things we heard:

“The £45 limit is high enough. I don't want it going higher.” “The change makes it easier for thieves to steal more money.” “Using cash only is the way forward to avoid any issues.” “Individuals should be able to set their own limit, or choose cards that aren’t contactless.”

So while some of you like to tap and run, others are more worried about fraud or what happens if your card is stolen. It’s fair enough, especially if it’s happened before.

As we all like to pay differently, we’ve added the flexibility to customise the contactless limit on your Zopa credit card – with the option to set it as high as £100 or turn it off completely.

How to set your contactless limit in your Zopa credit card

Setting your own contactless limit is quick and easy, simply head over to the Account preferences section in your Zopa app and select the Contactless payments option.

You’ll be able to set your contactless limit to any amount between £0 and £100. Want to turn off contactless completely? Set the limit to £0.

Once you’ve chosen a new contactless limit, you’ll need to enter your card PIN for any payments above this limit.

And you’re done.

Remember there are other ways to personalise your Zopa credit card too, like setting up your Credit Cushion so some of your available credit is set aside for small, unexpected expenses.

Find out more about the Zopa credit card.

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