Zopa App Terms

1. Introduction

These terms apply to your use of Zopa's app on iOS and Android ("App") and are between Zopa Bank Limited (company registration number 10627575), 1st Floor, Cottons Centre, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG, and you. You agree to the terms by downloading and using the Zopa app.

2. Other terms

These terms should be read in conjunction with our terms of use.

If you use any of Zopa's services or products available through the App, separate terms will apply to you and you will be asked to agree to them when you apply or request access to the specific products and services.

3. Operating system requirements

The App is available for download on compatible iOS and Android devices. We will try to ensure that the App works on a range of devices and versions of iOS and Android, and the App should generally always work on the latest versions of those operating systems.

4. Permission to use the App

Because you download the App to your device, we need to grant you some additional rights:

  • You may download a copy of the App to your devices and use the App for your personal purposes only

  • As long as you comply with the licence restrictions below, you may make a copy of the App for back-up purposes

  • You may use any updates we make available to the App.

The permissions we grant you above are granted solely so you have use of the App for your personal purposes, and are not transferable. The App may only be used on a device that you own or control.

5. Age restrictions

You must be 18 or over to accept these terms and download the App.

6. Changes to these terms

We may need to make changes to these terms. If we do have to make changes, we'll make those changes in line with our terms of use.

7. Updates to the App

We may update the App from time to time. There may be a number of reasons for this, including to improve performance, enhance functionality or address security issues.

In the case of the App, you will likely have to install updates from time to time. If you do not want to install an update unfortunately you may not be able to continue using the App or new features may not work. However particularly where security issues are concerned, we have to look after the interests of our business as well as our users.

8. Licence restrictions

When you use the App, you will not:

  • make the App available to anyone else without our approval

  • modify the App or any part of it to allow the App to be combined with or incorporated into any other programs

9. Loss or damage suffered by you

We are responsible to you for foreseeable loss and damage caused by us. If we fail to comply with these terms, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breaking these terms or our failing to use reasonable care and skill but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time you accepted these terms, both we and you knew it might happen.

We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability if it's unlawful to do this. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or anyone associated with us or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Also the App should be used only in your personal capacity and we will have no liability for any loss of profit, loss of business, or business opportunity arising as a result of your use of the App

Sometimes, events may take place that are outside of our control that affect our business. We'll always try to minimise any disruption or delay caused by any of these types of events. As long as we do this we won't be liable to you for any consequences arising from the delay or disruption.

If you make use of Zopa's products or services, separate terms will apply in relation to the liability that Zopa is willing to accept for losses caused by Zopa.

10. Ending your right to use the App

We may withdraw your right to use the App by contacting you if we think you've breached these terms (or the terms of use) in a serious way.

If we do end your right to use the App, you should stop using it and delete it from any device that you've installed it on.

11. App store provider requirements

As part of making the App available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, we're required by Google and Apple, the app store providers to confirm a few things to you:

  • Although we use the app stores to distribute our App, the terms that apply to your use of the App are only between Zopa and you.

  • Zopa, not any app store provider, are solely responsible for:

    • the App and its content

    • the maintenance of the App

    • supporting you in the event you experience any issues with the App.

    • losses suffered by you as a result of using the App (subject to the above section on loss or damage suffered by you)

    • dealing with any claims you or a third party may have in relation to the App, including any relating to product liability, consumer laws, or privacy.

    • any claims from a third party that we have infringed their intellectual property rights by making the App available to you

  • To the extent legally permitted, the app store providers will have no liability to you

  • You need to comply with any third party terms applicable when you are using the App

  • The app store providers (and their subsidiaries) have the right to enforce any of these terms against you, as a third party beneficiary

Also, by using the App you confirm that you are not located in a country that is subject to a United States Government embargo, or that has been designated by the United States Government as a "terrorist supporting" country.

12. Contacting us

You can contact us at appfeedback@zopa.com to give feedback on the App. If you have a complaint about our services, the applicable product terms will give you details on how to complain to Zopa.

13. The laws applicable to these terms and where you can bring claims against Zopa

English law applies to these terms and you can bring any claims you have against Zopa in the English courts or the courts of that part of the UK where you are resident.