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Mitigating operational risk

We believe that transparency and accountability is key to maintaining the trust of our borrowers and investors, and we have a contingency plan to ensure loans are still serviced even if Zopa were to go out of business.

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Transparency and accountability

All the data about the Zopa loanbook can be accessed by anyone (on an anonymised basis). We maintain this transparency because we believe that being held accountable by our customers, the industry, regulators and the media makes us a better business.

Transparency extends right down to the details of every micro loan contract with each borrower. You can see when an individual borrower is late with a payment, and when Safeguard pays out to cover a default. We also publish our estimates of expected and actual default rates, which are updated regularly. This means that we cannot cover up poor loan performance.

We believe this transparency and accountability is key to maintaining the trust of both investors and borrowers and ensuring that you achieve the expected returns.


Our business is robust, but it is prudent for us to have a contingency plan to protect you if Zopa were to go out of business.

Zopa holds no claim to the money that you invest. Any cash you have with Zopa is held in a separate client account and not with Zopa’s own funds.

All your loan contracts are legally binding directly between you and the borrower, not Zopa, and would continue to be enforceable if Zopa ceased to exist.

Our contingency plan also involves using loan servicing fees to cover the ongoing costs of managing our loan book.

Institutional backing

Earning great rates through peer-to-peer lending is becoming increasingly popular. At Zopa we have a number of financial institutions that also lend direct to consumers through the same platform.

We treat institutions just like individual investors, there's no cherry picking of loans and they get the same basket of loans as we offer to individuals.

These institutions usually undertake lengthy due diligence on our processes before investing, and we're proud that they are comfortable participating at Zopa.

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