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Updated a month ago

How much will I lend to each borrower?

The exact amount will vary depending on how much money you have in the platform, but no one borrower will hold more than 1% of your total...

Updated a month ago

My Loan Book terminology

WithdrawalPending – The loan has been disbursed to the borrower by BACS; your statement will reflect this. Withdrawn – The funds have been received...

Updated a month ago

How do I pay money into my Zopa account?

Sign into Zopa and then select Manage Lending from the top menu. You can transfer money in via: Bank transfer: You can make a transfer to us...

Updated a month ago

What do the different rates in my loan book mean?

Your loan book is packed full of detailed information about your loans. But how does it all relate to your product(s)'s projected return displayed on...

Updated a month ago

My Zopa Total is down by a penny – why?

Don’t worry, it’s not gone forever. It’ll be picked up at the next matching event and the issue will be resolved when you get your first...

Updated a month ago

Can I lend in multiple products at the same time?

Yes! You can have all of our investment products open at the same time. Only one can be the automatic destination for new money you put into the...

Updated a month ago

How can I see which loans are covered by Safeguard in My Loan Book?

If you want to distinguish your loans which are covered by Safeguard (Zopa Classic and Zopa Access) from your loans which are not covered by...

Updated a month ago

Can I see what my monthly repayments will be?

Yes, you can – via your loan book (there's a link to it on your investment summary). Bear in mind, though, that these aren't fixed sums: they're...

Updated a month ago

How did you define the minimum lending for Zopa Core and Zopa Plus?

We've set a minimum lending limit to make sure that only a small proportion of your money is lent to a single borrower. This was determined by...

Updated a month ago

Can I still fall outside of my personal projected range?

Your actual performance can still fall outside of your projected return range. This can be the result of a change in the way you use Zopa, for...

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