10 million actions and 50 members: 2025 Fintech Pledge achieves its goal and sets new targets

Just over a year into the campaign, the 2025 Fintech Pledge (pledge2025.org) has successfully fulfilled its campaign objective to help millions of UK consumers strengthen their ability to withstand an economic shock.  

We launched the campaign in September 2022 with ClearScore, setting a goal to drive 10 million consumer actions by the end of 2025 that build up the financial resilience of UK consumers.  

While this felt like a lofty target at the time, the now 50-strong cohort has achieved this goal two years early, with the 10 millionth action completed in December 2023.  

We’ve achieved this by incentivising unprecedented cross-industry collaboration and by connecting consumers to financial technology platforms that a) make savings work harder, b) improve credit scores, c) consolidate debt, and d) lower utility bills and household outgoing costs. 

New goals and pillars 

Building on the coalition’s success, we’ve now decided to extend the Pledge’s goal from 10 to 25 million actions to better deal with the persisting, above-target inflation. At an average of one action per person, this new goal represents approximately 50% of the UK adult population taking a positive step towards improved financial resilience.  

We’re also introducing a new “Benefits” pillar to help consumers make the most of the £18.7 billion income-related benefits and social tariffs that go unclaimed each year.  

Alongside this, we will expand the debt category to incorporate debt management, as well as debt consolidation, capturing needs of UK consumers related to debt in a more holistic way. 


Collaboration is key 

Our successes to date further emphasises that fintech businesses can achieve so much more when working together, as they look to understand and champion the real needs of UK consumers and to help them at such a critical time. 

The Pledge’s most important achievements to date include: 

  • The coalition has amassed 50 members with a combined >25m customer base 

  • It has achieved more than 10 million actions that improve financial resilience  

  • Some 30% of its members are based outside London 

  • The Money Charity is delivering a multi-year programme of workshops that markedly increases the financial capability of those who need it most, from 45 to 82% after completing the training 

  • The content hub Master My Money (pledge2025.org/blog) and the Pledge’s TikTok campaign (@MasterMyMoney) are helping millions of consumers better understand and manage their money  

  • A team of 90 Zopa Bank and Google Cloud engineers recently joined forces to build solutions that improve consumers' financial resilience using Generative AI and Large Language Models 

  • The Pledge earned its first industry accolade, winning “Best Partnership and Collaboration Initiative 2023” at the Pay 360 Awards 

  • ClearScore and fellow Pledge member StepChange partnered to integrate the debt charity's referral tool directly into ClearScore's mobile app. In the partnership’s first year, >8,000 ClearScore users engaged with the tool, where 45% were recommended debt advice to help them find solutions to their debt problem. 


The latest members to join the Fintech Pledge since February 2023 include: 

  • AperiData, an open banking credit scoring platform 

  • Blackbullion, a learning platform for students 

  • Bud, an open banking and data intelligence platform 

  • Certua, a fintech enabling financial resilience 

  • Data On Demand, a consumer data company 

  • Freetrade, a commission-free investment platform 

  • Gretel, a company reconnecting lost accounts and investments 

  • IE Hub, an income and expenditure sharing platform 

  • Incredible, a credit management platform 

  • Incuto, a supplier of critical infrastructure to affordable finance providers 

  • Kalgera, a RegTech supporting vulnerable people 

  • Monevo, a credit platform and API 

  • Money Wellness, a free debt advice provider 

  • Octopus Money, a financial coaching platform 

  • OzoneAPI, an open finance provider 

  • Paymentology, an issuer/processor 

  • Plend, a personal loans provider 

  • Plum, the smart money app 

  • Policy in Practice, a social policy software and analytics company  

  • Salesforce, the global CRM company 

  • Wonderful, an instant payments provider 

  • Youtility, a subscription management platform 

If your company wants to get involved in the 2025 Fintech Pledge, check out the video below, contact join@pledge2025.org or visit the website www.pledge2025.org    


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