Getting started is easy

Open an account, transfer your money, choose how you want to lend and we'll take care of the rest.

1. Open an account

It's a simple online process to open an account. You can then transfer money in from your bank.

2. Choose your lending option

Zopa Access

Great if you're new to Zopa, or if you want to dip into your money occasionally.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

Zopa Classic

Great if you want to put your money away and leave it to grow.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

Zopa Plus

Great if you're happy lending at Zopa and want a higher return for more risk.


Annualised projected return after expected losses on money lent out

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When you lend your money your capital is at risk and is not protected by FSCS. Our risk statement has all the details.

Once you have selected a product, money which you transfer to Zopa will automatically go into that product. However you can change your product selection at any time to fund a different product

3. We take care of the rest

Your money goes into a queue with other lenders to be matched to borrowers. It will typically be lent out within a week.

Your money is then split into chunks of at least £10 to be lent to different borrowers.

Each month borrowers pay back capital and interest on your loans. These repayments can be recycled in new loans or withdrawn. If you keep re-lending on, then your repayments will continue to recycle within the same lending product. Your new loans will always be at our latest rates, meaning that the overall rate on your loan book will evolve over time.

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Lending at Zopa is simple; everything happens automatically. Here's how it works...

Your money enters a queue with other lenders to be matched and lent out to approved borrowers. Once it reaches the front, it is split into micro loans of at least £10 to diversify your money.

Each month borrowers make their loan repayments, paying you back a portion of your capital plus interest. Borrowers repay on different days so money is coming into your account throughout the month.

Once you've collected enough repayments to buy a new micro loan your money will be automatically re-lent to new borrowers, so you're now starting to lend and earn money on your interest.

Each micro loan is repaid at a fixed interest rate, but your repayments will buy new micro loans at the latest market rates. This means your rates will evolve with the market as you re-lend.

4. Until you want to withdraw

You can choose when and how to access your money.

You could withdraw your monthly repayments as they are paid back by borrowers, instead of using those repayments to re-lend to new borrowers. Alternatively, if you want to access a lump sum, you can sell your outstanding loans to other lenders. Depending on the product you have chosen, you may have to pay a 1% fee to access your money.

Read more about accessing your money or watch our video below:

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There are two ways to access your money in Zopa:

You can simply stop re-lending your monthly repayments and withdraw them from Zopa as they come in.

Or, if you want to access more, you can do so by selling your loans to other lenders. Simply choose the amount you want to sell, and we'll handle it for you.

To sell your loans there must be other lenders in the market, which has always been the case, and your loan must be up to date. It usually takes just a few days.

If the market rate for loans has changed since you lent your money, the loan you're selling could be at a lower rate than the buyer would get on a new loan, so you may have to pay a small fee to cover the difference.

Moving between products

You can also move your money between products by turning off re-lending and allowing your repayments to collect within the holding account, then allocating those funds to a new product. Or you can sell your loans and purchase new ones within a new product.

What the press says

“It is far better than any High Street savings rate in the UK and the money can be accessed in an emergency.”

The Telegraph, 14 January 2014

To date, we've helped 63,000 individuals lend out over £1.79bn

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