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Cutting out the banks in the middle gets everyone a better deal. We call this peer-to-peer lending, we invented it and we're here to make money simple and fair.

Zopa Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm registration number 563134). With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk, our risk statement has the details.

How Zopa minimises risk

We have more than 10 years' experience of providing fair and competitive lending. Whilst we lend to sensible borrowers, our Zopa Safeguard Trust is designed to protect your money in the event that a borrower is unable to make their payments. To date, Safeguard has covered all money owed to lenders.

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How it works

Zopa is easy to use, and doesn't rely on you having any expert knowledge.

Opening an account is a simple, quick online process. Once you've transferred money into Zopa it automatically enters the queue to be matched and lent out to sensible borrowers. As borrowers make monthly repayments (your capital and interest), this is re-lent to compound your growth.

To access your money you can choose to withdraw the monthly repayments or request to withdraw a lump sum and we will sell your loans to other lenders.

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What the press says

“Big banks beware - innovative technology challengers are coming to eat your lunch.”

January 2014

Who uses Zopa?

To date, over 59,000 individuals have lent with Zopa.

Our lenders come from all walks of life, and all over the country and have different lending goals - some use Zopa as an alternative to a regular savings account, some see Zopa as part of a diversified portfolio of investments, whilst others use the monthly repayments as a source of additional income.

You can start lending from as little as £10 whilst some lenders have millions in Zopa.

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Our awards

  • Moneywise award: Personal loan provider
  • Moneyfacts award: Personal loan provider
  • MoneyWeek award: Best P2P lender
  • Moneywise award: Specialist provider
  • The Sunday Times award: Tech track 100
  • Your money award: Best online p2p

To date, we've helped lend £1018m, earning our lenders £58m in interest

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