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Annualised projected return after expected defaults, but before tax, with re-lending on. With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk, our risk statement has the details.

Zopa's track record

  • 10 years of fair and competitive lending
  • £52 million of interest generated
  • No bailouts required

About Zopa

In 2005, Zopa invented peer-to-peer lending. A decade later 51,000 people have lent £880 million and earned £52 million in interest.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm registration #563134).

What the press says

“It is far better than any High Street savings rate in the UK and the money can be accessed in an emergency.”

14 January 2014

How Zopa works

Here’s what happens when you open a Zopa account.


You put your money into your Zopa lending account and it gets lent to borrowers in small chunks.


As borrowers pay back their loans each month, plus interest, your money grows.


You can take out regular monthly amounts, as income. Or you can use our early access feature.

More about how Zopa works


Best P2P Lender

MoneyWeek gave their readers the "chance to recognise the best providers out there" and voted Zopa best peer-to-peer lender.

Winner of MoneyWeek Readers’ Choice Awards 2014

How customers describe Zopa

We invited some of our 51,000 lenders to come in and talk about lending with Zopa.

Show transcript


Chris: Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a Zopa lender

Tony: I’m Tony and I’m a Zopa lender

Alex: I’m Alex and I’m a Zopa lender

Elaine: I’m Elaine and I’m Zopa lender

Mike: I’m Mike and I’m Zopa lender

Maurice: My name’s Maurice and I’m a Zopa lender. I’ve been lending through Zopa for about three or four years

Elaine: About eight or nine years

Tony: For over a year

Alex: For about a year

Chris: For two years now

Elaine: I started lending with Zopa initially because I liked the idea of a more ethical way of lending which cut out the middleman

Mike: Getting started as a lender with Zopa couldn’t be easier

Maurice: I go on the website, I transfer it across from my bank account

Mike: You decide how much money you’re going to lend

Alex: For how long

Maurice: And then Zopa takes the money and Zopa chops it all up into little bits and lends it to lots of different people

Chris: And that means that my risk is spread and diversified

Maurice: So you invest your money for a three or five year term but if you need to get it earlier you can sell your loan on to another lender

Alex: Zopa’s a great example of something the internet has made possible

Maurice: So aren’t lots of layers and not lots of bureaucracy and not lots of people trying to take their cut

Chris: It’s a smart way of bring lenders and borrowers together

Elaine: The rate of return I get with my savings at Zopa is pretty good, I’m very pleased with it

Tony: It beats the rates you can get on the high street

Alex: I like Zopa because they invented peer to peer lending, and they know what they’re doing

Maurice: I find Zopa always really straightforward and simple to deal with

Elaine: They’re reliable because when I chat to them everything they say, they do

Mike: I like the fact that in a world where people want to borrow and lend money, Zopa allows them to do that really easily over the internet

Tony: I’m using Zopa for my general long term savings

Maurice: I suppose all my savings are for a rainy day, but I’ve been saving so long for a rainy day I think I might start spending some of it

Mike: If I was to describe Zopa in one word I’d say

Chris: Smart

Alex: Reliable

Maurice: Transparent

Tony: Honest

Elaine: Rewarding

Mike: Revolutionary

Alex: I’m constantly recommending Zopa to friends and family because I think it just makes so much sense

What the press says

“Zopa is the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, which uses the internet to cut out the banks entirely. It matches savers with individuals who want to borrow, leaving out the bank and offering better rates all round.”

18 January 2014

Important information

Peer-to-peer lending is a relatively low risk investment and we do not give regulated advice. This means peer-to-peer lending isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Instead the FCA requires peer-to-peer lending companies to hold a capital buffer and have robust plans to recover outstanding loans should any company cease to exist.

You're responsible for paying tax on the gross income you receive. The amount of income tax payable is dependent on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

More risk information

To date, we've helped lend £880m, earning our lenders £52m in interest

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