There are a number of reasons why a transaction might be declined.

Here are the list of the most common ones:

  • You’ve not activated your card

  • Your PIN is blocked. This happens when you enter the PIN incorrectly 3 times. Find out how to unblock in the app with this FAQ

  • The transaction will take you over your credit limit

  • The transaction cost will take you into your Credit Cushion amount. You can edit your Credit Cushion in the Manage section of the app

  • If it’s your first in-person spend, you’ll need to use Chip and PIN to show it’s you – afterwards, you’ll be able to use contactless up to £100

  • You've frozen your card. If this is the case, the card will appear frozen in the app, and you can unfreeze it from there

  • You’ve blocked cash withdrawals in the manage section

  • We think that the transaction might be fraudulent. To protect our customers from transaction fraud, we may decline transactions that look suspicious, and block the card from further spending

  • There may have been a technical issue on the merchant’s network

If your transaction was online:

  • The 3D secure code you entered may be incorrect

  • You may have entered the wrong card details, such as your PIN or expiry date

If it’s none of the reasons above, please get in touch by starting a live chat.

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