Gender diversity at Zopa

A balanced and diverse workforce is important to Zopa. We strongly believe in creating a fair and inclusive working environment across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, disability and gender.       

In 2018, we signed the Women in Finance Charter which encourages companies to have at least 33% women in senior management.  

During 2020 Zopa experienced slower growth than forecast due to the impact of the global pandemic. While we remain committed to driving progress against our target, we believe it will be challenging to meet it by December 2021 given that our growth has been lower than expected. 

Whilst the number of women in senior roles (defined as Leadership team direct reports) has reduced slightly vs. 2019 (down 3%pts from 38% to 35%), we have made some positive progress through this challenging time. We have improved our gender diversity in the company as a whole over the last year, increasing the percentage of females employed within Zopa from 37% in 2019 to 40% in 2020. In addition, we have increased the percentage of female representation on our Board from 31 – 36% and our executive committee from 38 – 43%.  

Some successful actions we will continue to use to drive better diversity at Zopa include:

Recruitment We decode job adverts to remove gender bias. We ensure our interviews have diverse panels and our candidate shortlists are diverse. 

Compensation As part of annual compensation reviews, we run a gender lens through all the compensation decisions to ensure fairness. 

Career progression We review promotion long lists to achieve cohort consistency across genders. We are committed to getting closer to our December 2021 target and will continue to make improvements to ensure our workforce is diverse and that we provide equal opportunities to everyone.

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