What’s an automatic payment and how does it work?

Updated 2 years ago

With automatic payments, you’ll automatically pay your Zopa credit card account by the due date. It gives you one less thing to worry about each month and helps you to avoid missing a repayment and having to pay a fee.

It’s different to a Direct Debit or standing order as it uses your debit card information to take the payment. This payment method is called a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA).

You can choose a set amount, £30 for example, or link the payment to your spending so we only charge you for your minimum payment each month or your full statement balance.

Every month, we’ll take your automatic payment three days before your due date. If it fails, we’ll let you know and try to take payment again on your due date. If this second attempt is unsuccessful, you’ll need to make your payment another way to make sure you cover at least your minimum payment, otherwise we’ll add a £12 missed payment fee to your account.

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