There are a couple of ways you can set this up. The simplest option is to hit this link and follow the steps.

Or, you can update your settings manually. All you need to do is:

  1. Login to your account 

  2. Click your name in the top right-hand corner 

  3. Select the ‘profile’ option 

  4. Scroll down to the security section 

  5. Click ‘Update your 2 factor authentication details’ and follow the steps 

Why it matters

SMS two-factor authentication adds another layer of security when signing in to your Zopa account. It helps to stop hackers who may have got access to your password -- through a data breach or scam -- from getting into your account.

How it works

With this in place, after you enter your password, we’ll send a verification code to your mobile phone number for you to enter before you can access your account.

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