There are a few ways to pay into your Smart ISA pots.

Transfering an existing ISA:

If you already have a cash ISA with another provider, you can transfer this to a Zopa Smart ISA pot without affecting your ISA allowance.

How you do this will depend on whether or not you've already added money to your Smart Savings Hub — which includes your Smart Saver and Smart ISA pots.

If you've already added money to your account, simply head to the Smart Savings Hub where you can see all your pots and tap Add money, then Transfer in an ISA. Please don't tap into your individual pots, as you won't see the option to transfer an ISA that way.

If you haven't added any money, go to your Smart Savings Hub and click Manage in the top right corner, then Account informationSmart ISA detailsISA transfers and Transfer in an ISA.

Once you've done this, we'll ask you to provide some information so that we can contact your old ISA provider to request the transfer.

The transfer process can take up to 15 business days. The minimum amount you can transfer is £500. 

Adding money not already held in an ISA: 

Simply head to the Smart Savings Hub in the Zopa app and hit the Add money button. From there, click One-off save and you'll see two ways to pay into your Smart ISA pots:

1. Instant bank transfer

This is a fast, simple and secure way to top up your Smart ISA pots directly from your current account banking app.

We partner with FCA-regulated TrueLayer to make the transfer from your linked bank account.

Heads up, you’ll only be able to do an instant bank transfer if your verified account is with a bank that offers open banking.

2. Manual bank transfer

You can manually add money to your Smart Saver primary pot via a bank transfer and then move this money to your Smart ISA pots by tapping Move money.

When you select Manual bank transfer you'll be shown a sort code and unique account number which you can use to set up a bank transfer from your linked bank account.

Before paying into your Zopa savings account using these details, please make sure the bank account you’d like to pay in with has been verified by us. Find out how to check whether your account has been verified.

Just to let you know, some customers have received warnings from their bank when they've tried to set up Zopa as a new payee. This is likely due to a new 'Confirmation of Payee' security check. You can read more about this here.

Please be aware, we can currently only accept 'faster payments' — BACS or CHAPS won’t reach us.

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