You can edit your Direct Debit amount or due date in the Zopa app. Here’s how:  

  1. Open the Zopa app and click the Credit card tab 

  2. Press Manage on the top right  

  3. Click Payments 

  4. Press on the Direct Debit information at the top of the page 

  5. Press Change on the date or payment amount  

You’ll receive an email to confirm when your details are updated. Please note, due date changes will only take place from the next statement cycle. That means there may be one more payment using your old details.  

To change the bank you’re paying from, you’ll need to cancel your existing Direct Debit and set up a new one.  

Also, if you’ve already received the heads-up email about your upcoming Direct Debit – which is sent around 7 days before the payment is taken – any changes to the amount will only apply after the upcoming payment is complete.  

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