You can find and download a summary of your Fixed Term Savings account, which includes interest earned during the term, from your Fixed Term Savings dashboard.

Please ensure you select the Fixed Term Account you want to see a statement for, not your Holding Account. Once on your account’s dashboard, simply navigate to the Overview tab and click Statement of Account under the Summary section.

What your Statement of Account shows

Savers who are required to pay tax on their interest are responsible for settling this directly with HMRC.

Interest becomes taxable at the point it’s made available to you to withdraw — in the case of Zopa’s Fixed Term Savings accounts, this is at the end of the fixed term.

If your Fixed Term Savings account is still running, your Statement of Account will show a snapshot of interest earned to date. However, if your fixed term has ended, your Statement of Account will show the total interest earned throughout the term – this can be used as a Certificate of Interest for HMRC (please note, Tax Statements have been replaced by Certificates of Interest).

Find out whether you need to pay tax on your savings.

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