Yes, sometimes. When you apply for a loan, we do an affordability check which looks at several different types of income. We may accept Airbnb earnings - it depends on your circumstances.

When do you consider Airbnb earnings?

We consider Airbnb earnings as long as we can identify at least 3 payments.

Your Airbnb earnings need to be substantial (e.g. consistently more than several hundred pounds a month).

For marginal applications, we may consider lower levels of regular Airbnb earnings alongside other types of income to help us make a decision.

Specifying the amount

To include your Airbnb earnings in your application, simply enter the yearly figure in the 'additional income' field in the application form.

Providing evidence

You'll need to provide evidence of these payments. This means uploading one or more bank statements or PayPal statements showing at least 3 Airbnb payments.

New-ish to Airbnb?

If you've been hosting on Airbnb for less than a year, enter the amount you've earned so far. (Please don't estimate a full year's income.)

What about other types of rental earnings?

We can't accept direct rental earnings as a type of income at the moment. That's because these transactions are paid direct by bank transfer and are difficult to verify, whereas all Airbnb transactions have a payment reference that marks them out as Airbnb - so they're easy to spot on a bank statement.

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