Zopa celebrates Women in Fintech Powerlist 2020 triple listing

On 24th March, Innovate Finance announced its Women in Fintech Powerlist 2020. This is an annual list that shines a spotlight on some of the most inspirational and innovative women in the financial industry.

This year we’re extremely proud to say that three women from Zopa have been included in the Women in Fintech Powerlist. Zopa’s P2P CEO Natasha Wear, our Creative Director Charlotte Wilkinson, and Patricia Haynes, VP of Engineering, has been included in the Standout 35. The Standout 35 are a selection of the nominated women that have shown outstanding commitment to the fintech industry.

After receiving over 1,000 nominations, only 200 women were included within the full list, highlighting the breadth of female talent within the financial sector. Competition was strong, so seeing three Zopa women within this year’s Powerlist is a testament to the some of the female role models we have within our team.

We wanted to hear a bit more from the Zopa people that made the list on summing up a fintech career and where they get their inspiration from.

Natasha Wear, P2P CEO

If you could sum up working in fintech in a few words, what would they be?

Tash: Fast-paced, challenging but ultimately very rewarding

What women inspire you within your career?

Tash: I’m lucky that at Zopa we have many great women in the team I work with day to day. In terms of role models, unusually for a fintech, the Zopa P2P Board is actually 80% female. Working with industry veterans like Christine Farnish and Doris Honold who has had an impressive career at Standard Chartered is a real privilege and I have learnt a lot from their experiences.

**Charlotte Wilkinson, Creative Director **

If you could sum up working in fintech in a few words, what would they be?

Charlotte: Challenging, inspiring and motivating

What women inspire you within your career?

Charlotte: I watch with inspiration women from many different sectors who are breaking new ground – but mainly from the creative spaces. People such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Michaela Cole are hugely inspiring.

If I think more holistically (albeit not modern day) I look to those women who have been pioneers. For example, Lee Miller – who was a free and independent spirit in charge of her own destiny. She was not only a US vogue model, a muse for Man Ray and a central figure in the Surrealism art circle. She was also the first female WWII US war correspondent – who reported on the liberation of Paris, was the first to reach Hilter’s hideout at Berchtesgaden and who’s photos of the concentration camp at Dachau shocked the world. She teaches me that no one is ever just one thing. That you should never allow yourself to be put in a box. Only you can define yourself.

**Patricia Haynes, VP of Engineering **

If you could sum up working in fintech in a few words, what would they be?

Trisha: Bright, exciting innovation!

What women inspire you within your career?

Trisha: Sheryl Sandberg, she’s a great example of building honest, strong relationships within your career.

Want to hear more from Trisha, our Standout 35 winner? Head over to her most recent blog.

At Zopa, we’re on a mission to continuously champion the talented women at our company. We’re determined to create a supportive environment that attracts the best female talent and highlight what a career in fintech can deliver. This includes exploring new ways to recruit women into junior tech roles, maintaining an inclusive environment that ensures all voices are heard and creating support networks to ensure women in tech have the community they need to progress their careers.

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