Introducing: the Zopa Safeguard offer

Did you know Zopa savers have almost lent £300 million to sensible borrowers since we started? But even with a 200% increase in savers joining us this year, we think Zopa can do more to help UK savers to protect and grow their savings. So we are excited to launch our Safeguard offer, an exciting new tool to help Zopa savers lend money safely, quickly and earn great returns.

We’ve listened to your feedback to offer a new and easier way to lend with Zopa, so as a saver you can now:

  1. Lend safely knowing your money is protected by the new Zopa Safeguard

  2. Earn the best returns available by offering new tracker rates to give you the best overall rate across the markets.

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Why choose the Safeguard offer?

  1. Lend with peace of mind

We are introducing the Safeguard offer so you can lend-to-save safely, quickly and earn great returns. Zopa has created the Safeguard in order for you to get back all the money you put into Zopa plus interest on your lending without having to worry about a borrower not being able to pay you back.

You earn interest by lending to sensible borrowers with excellent credit-ratings through Zopa. Our expert loans team uses a wide range of careful checks to make sure our borrowers are responsible and can afford to repay their loans. As a result, Zopa has a higher repayment success rate from borrowers than any other peer-to-peer lender or the high street banks, with 40% of borrowers paying off their loan early at no extra cost.

In the rare event where one of your borrowers can’t pay you back, perhaps due to redundancy or illness, the Zopa Safeguard has been created to step in and protect your money should this happen. By doing this, the Safeguard is now available to give you back all the money plus the interest owed to you.

What is the Zopa Safeguard?

The Zopa Safeguard is a fund held in trust by a not-for-profit organisation, which means Zopa has no rights to the money in it. If a borrower you lend to through the Safeguard offer is then unable to pay back their loan, the Zopa Safeguard makes up the money owed to you.

The Zopa Safeguard isn’t an insurance or guarantee product, it’s a dedicated fund to help protect you against potential risks and is just good sense for both savers and borrowers looking for a better deal.

  1. Earn the best return on your savings

Our priority is to help you save and lend your money efficiently. You can earn market-leading returns from lending your money with Zopa, but if you have money in your Zopa holding account or waiting to be lent this won’t be earning interest. To get your money working harder for you, simply choose to lend at the new tracker rates through the Safeguard offer.

This means the rates you are offering to borrowers will follow the UK personal loan industry and deliver you the best return available at any given time. As rates go up in the personal loans market, the rate you are offering will go up and your returns will increase. When rates go down there is a minimum threshold in the tracker rates to ensure you still earn a better return than you can at a bank.

To start earning great returns on your savings, simply start lending with the Safeguard offer!

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