How to upgrade your garden for under £500

From budget busting £50 makeovers all the way to a generous £500 spend - there's a hack for every outdoor space - big or small. And, as long as you spend your money wisely, you can really pack a punch with your garden glow-ups. We asked affordable design experts, Topology for hacks, projects and upcycling ideas to transform your outdoor space for under £500. Here’s what they’d do

There seems to be a big misconception that garden renovations have to cost an arm and a leg. But that’s really not the case! With a little bit of savvy spending and some unique ideas you can transform your outdoor space in no time for under £500 - perfect for wowing family and friends this summer.

For some visual inspiration, head to our Pinterest board, which demonstrates exactly what kind of looks you can achieve.

Add Outdoor Plants - £50 - £200

No outdoor space would be complete without some plants! The big trend at the moment is to opt for oversized, tropical plants to help us bring in that paradise holiday feeling. Surprisingly, many tropical plants can thrive in our British climate! Did you know palms can survive sub-zero temperatures?

Your Outdoor Seating - £250-£500

Next up, your outdoor seating! Nailing your outdoor seating is the key to the perfect hosting experience. If you are looking to do this on a budget head to our other blogs posts with Topology where you can see how to get outdoor seating on a budget of £50 and £250. But with £500, you’ve got a little more wiggle room to play with and we suggest that you opt for some string chairs. These can be found online for around £75 to £200 for a set of 2 to 4 and usually come with a matching side-table to complete the set. Pop a little outdoor cushion on them and you’ve got a beautiful zoned lounge area ready to sip Pimms from.

Getting Cosy With A Chiminea - Budget £50-£300

To create a real statement, try incorporating a chiminea into your outdoor space. Again, you can find these affordably priced online and even available at some major supermarkets for less than £50. Great for creating a bit of a showstopper and a place to host late night conversations from as we ease into the summer months. To take it one step further, try nabbing some kebab skewers and big marshmallows and toasting them on the open fire for a cosy outdoor evening activity.

Set Up An Outdoor Cinema - Budget £250 - £500

If you really want to up your hosting game, try building an outdoor cinema for friends and family. All you’ll need to do this is either an old white bedsheet you’re willing to fashion into a screen (or you can buy a proper projector screen from somewhere like Amazon for less than £20) and a projector. The projector will be the most expensive part of this plan, coming in at around a few hundred quid but it’s endless hours of fun make it a real investment you can re-use time and time again. And even if we don’t have the scorching summer heat right now, you’ll be kept warm by your Chiminea! For ideas on how to style this cinema set up, head to our Pinterest board for some stunning inspo.

So there you have it! Budget friendly ideas to make your outdoor space sing with just £500.

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