How to get maximum impact from an £800 bathroom renovation

Don’t you hate it when the size of your budget doesn’t match the scale of your plans? But don’t give up the dream just yet. We asked some home reno experts how you can take a different approach to renovating to get maximum impact on minimal budget. Here home-maker and budget expert Lara Jarvis shares how she’d create a luxe bathroom for £800

Our bathrooms should be a place of sanctuary, a peaceful haven away from the bustle of family life, a place to soak away your worries and treat yourself to a pamper. However, you needn’t spend a fortune to create your dream bathroom space. From budget-friendly tiling to investing in some key pieces to elevate the whole look and feel of your bathroom, there’s a way to get a bathroom transformation to suit all budgets.

You may think to get an Insta-worthy bathroom you’d need to spend a fortune, but there are lots of ways you can give a tired bathroom a fresh look without breaking the bank. Let’s have a look at how you can bring your vision to life and create your very own bathroom goals for under £800.

Standalone Bath: £320

Investing in some big-ticket items first can set a luxury feel for the whole room, so think about a feature bath such as a rolltop or standalone bath. Not only will you thank yourself every time you use it, but free-standing tubs can fit wherever you want them in the room, they’re much easier to install and come in a huge variety of designs.

Waterfall Shower: £160

Nothing feels more luxurious than standing under a waterfall of cascading water, covering you from head to toe and relaxing you with its massaging energy. Investing here will bring a sense of calm to the room, as well as looking visually very pleasing.

Feature taps: £130

These luxurious touches will give an additional sense of glamour to your beautiful bathroom. A subtle shot of gold will elevate the finished look of the room and will allow you to spend less on other areas of the room. Now that the big-ticket items have been selected, you can fill out the rest of the room with much more affordable items, but the finished look will remain just as luxurious.

Mirror: £35

If you’re working with a small room, adding in mirrors will really open up the space. Place your mirror on the opposite wall to the window to reflect as much light as possible and flood the room with sunlight.

Lighting: £25

Lighting can really set the mood for your space, opting for soft accent lighting can help keep it cosy and calm as additional lighting to the ceiling bulbs.

Re-tile, on a budget: c. £20

Re-tiling your bathroom might be costly, but it needn’t be a full-on tiling job to get the same look. There is a huge selection of stick-on tiles which need little work to affix, easily a job you can do yourself – unlike tiling! They can be easily wiped over to clean them and they come in an array of options depending on your colour scheme.

Artwork: £10

Artwork in a bathroom can look really classy, so why not think about a mini gallery wall or a couple of statement pieces for your walls to make the room look individual. Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, with many online stores giving a huge amount of design choice and sizing options.

A lick of paint: £25

Whether you want to go for airy and soft colours like a wash of pink or green, or deep and bold like dark blues and striking monochrome tones, giving your bathroom a lick of paint is a great way to update it affordably. And it can be something you can do more frequently, when you fancy a change, as the key pieces within the room will remain future-proof.

Renewed flooring: £25

Fancy floors and uber-cool tiles can set you back a pretty penny, but there are so many options now for stick on lino which gives the same effect, plus it’s much easier to install!

We hope you find these ideas for updating your bathroom on a budget helpful. Although these will make a great impact in your bathroom and give you a wonderful place to relax, even simple things like giving it a good clean, keeping it free of clutter and well organised, changing the toilet seat or refreshing your towels can really breathe fresh life into the room.

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