Zopa days out: An artist’s day in Berlin

*At Zopa, we want you to get the most from your money – even when you’re on holiday. That’s why we don’t charge fees when you spend on your Zopa credit card abroad (34.9% representative APR variable). To help you make the most of that, we asked Charles Hutton, aka InstaChaz, whose drawings you may recognise from our latest TV ad, to take his Zopa credit card for an on-budget day trip round his current home city of Berlin. *

Daily BVG ticket - €8.60

In order for the day to get started, grab a day ticket to get around Berlin on the BVG's fleet of lovely yellow trains

Museum Island - €12

First stop - Museum Island. Home of some of Berlin's most famous museums and this lovely colonnade. I went in Neues Museum.

Time for Currywurst - €4

After a whip around the galleries, you're going to be hungry, so next stop is for some Currywurst - reputedly created when Herta Heuwer obtained some curry powder from some British soldiers in 1949 and mixed it with German sausages to create Berlin's most famous dish. That's some history on a paper plate right there.

The Tiergarten and Brandenburg Gate - €0

Next up, it's off to Tiergarten, Berlin's most famous park. To get there, we've got to ride through the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin's most famous... gate.

Lunch in the Tiergarten €17

Now I know we've just eaten, but after getting lost in Tiergarten (and you WILL get lost) you'll need a quintessential German lunch (Bratwurst and a Big Beer!) by the lake. This is absolutely one of my favourite activities.

Burn off your lunch - €25 to hire the bats

Of course, you've got to balance all that out with some exercise, so enter another beloved Berlin activity - outdoor table tennis! (Although good luck finding a spare table on any day over 20 degrees!)

Chess at Körnerpark - €0

After some physical exercise, it's time to head over to the lovely Körnerpark (the hidden Neo-baroque jewel of Neukolln!) for some mental exercise with a game of chess that I will almost certainly lose.

Dinner - €8

Getting late in the day now, so time to head over to Herr Lindemann Bar for a quick burger, but most importantly....

…cocktails. €10

...one (or more) of their delicious cocktails to see out the day. This one’s a Thymian Fizz. PROST!

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