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With Zopa you can earn higher returns on your savings, knowing that your money is safe. Zopa has created the Safeguard in order for you to get back all your money plus interest - without having to worry about a borrower paying you back.

With Zopa you earn interest by lending to sensible borrowers with good credit ratings. Our expert loans team has many years’ experience in making sure borrowers can afford their loan. As a result Zopa has a higher repayment rate from borrowers than any other peer-to-peer lender or the high street banks.

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There may be a rare event where one of your borrowers can’t pay you back, perhaps due to redundancy or illness. The Zopa Safeguard was created to step in and give you back all the money owed to you.

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The Zopa Safeguard is a fund held in trust by a not-for-profit organisation, which means Zopa has no rights to the money in it.

Zopa is supervised by the OFT but is not a bank and so the Zopa Safeguard is not part of the FSCS guarantee. The Zopa Safeguard isn’t an insurance or guarantee product, it’s just good sense for savers and borrowers looking for a better deal.

The Safeguard fund

The Zopa Safeguard is funded by a contribution from the fee borrowers pay when their loan is approved. The Safeguard fund is maintained to cover savers for any loss of capital or interest when a borrower is unable to repay (goes into default). The fund contains a buffer on top of what it expects to pay out to provide even greater protection for savers.

£3,502,489.17 Total amount currently in the Safeguard fund
£2,628,137.47 Estimated default the Safeguard fund may have to cover

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